Which drinks were trending most amongst wedding guests at our mobile bars in Essex and Suffolk this year?  

In general, we think it’s pretty safe to say that beer, wine and vodka have always been the most popular drinks at weddings. 
Let’s face it, getting a cold pint of beer or large glass of Rosé down the hatch after sitting through the ceremony is almost as much of a formality as the wedding vowels themselves... some might say. 
That said, the drink of choice certainly didn’t remain the same for everyone who attended weddings at which we were serving at this year. 
So, as another busy wedding season ends, and every matrimony fuelled hangover is all but a happy memory, we look at which 5 drinks have risen in popularity the most, as ordered at our mobile wedding bars, compared to last year. 
5. Prosecco 
Almost all the weddings that we’ve provided mobile bar hire at this year have seen us popping open the Prosecco as part of a wedding drinks package. Whether that’s been for welcome drinks, toast drinks or both, it seems that nothing says congratulations quite like a chilled glass of bubbles. 
And for that reason alone, Prosecco has always been a hugely popular wedding day drink. Interestingly though, this year has seen more and more people sticking to Prosecco for the entire duration of the reception rather than just a single glass on arrival. But why?  
We think it's partly due to people being more conscious not to mix their drinks, as weddings that have had Prosecco welcome drinks have generally seen higher sales of Prosecco throughout the evening cash bar. 
But maybe it's simply because wedding guests are enjoying the first glass so much that they can't help but have another few. Either way, Prosecco is flying out of our wedding bar fridges quicker than ever before!  
4. Single Malt Whiskey 
Towards the end of the evening, when the DJ has slowed things down on the dancefloor, is usually when the Single Malt gets hit the hardest. For some, it’s probably just an excuse to avoid a slow dance, but a perfectly good excuse nonetheless as far as we’re concerned. 
In fact, some wedding parties this year have polished off an entire bottle of our Single Malt Whiskey (Jura Origin 10-Year-Old) and made a significant dent in the second, something which just didn’t happen in 2017. 
So, unless there’s just a lot more people trying to avoid a slow dance (which is quite possible), it looks as though closing out the wedding reception with a cheeky glass of Single Malt is very much in fashion right now. 
Much like the whiskey distilling process though, there are some strict rules that apply when propping up the bar at the end of the night with a Scotch. Shirts must be untucked, waistcoats unbuttoned and most importantly, your conversation must make absolutely no sense whatsoever! 
3. Aspall Cyder 
We started serving Aspall Draught Cyder at our mobile wedding bars a couple of years ago now, mainly because we just loved it so much ourselves that it seemed like an obvious addition to the drinks menu. 
Up until this year, however, it was one of those drinks where for every person who absolutely loved it there was another who had never even tried it! How ridiculous is that? Never tried a pint of Aspalls? Get out! 
But anyway, that’s certainly all changed this year as we’ve poured more than double the amount of Aspall Cyder through our wedding bar taps than in 2017. 
So why the sudden increase? Well, the extended summer heatwave undoubtedly played a big part. Some weddings throughout July and August were unbearably hot, especially in marquees, making a refreshing pint of apple cider virtually irresistible. 
It’s also locally produced in Suffolk, and if there’s one thing the Suffolk wedding crowd love it’s a locally produced drink (Adnams Southwold came 6th by the way). 
2. Tequila Rose 
Strawberries, cream and tequila… it’s as if this drink was literally made for weddings. Tequila Rose has been our best selling shot this year, proving more popular than Sourz, Sambuca and even the legendary Jagerbomb. 
It’s never too long into a wedding reception before we hear the words “Oh my god, they’ve got Tequila Rose”. Which is basically our cue to stick another couple of bottles in the fridge!  
Frequently compared to strawberry milkshake, the fact is that unlike most other shots Tequila Rose actually tastes really good, which is probably why a bottle never lasts too long. Surprisingly though, Tequila Rose has actually been around for over 20 years! So, it’s certainly not the new kid on the block by any means. 
It has recently had a newly designed bottle though, which not only looks amazing but is pretty clever too... the roses turn from silver to pink once the bottle is chilled!! (See, it was worth reading this blog post after all). And yes, we fully condone buying a bottle just to test it works.  
But whatever the reason behind Tequila Rose’ sudden popularity it certainly looks as if there’ll be plenty more Rose-coloured weddings next year... ba dum tss! 
1. Pink Gin 
And here it is, weighing in at 37.5% ABV, our undisputed top trending wedding drink of the year… Pink Gin!! 
The UK’s love affair with Pink Gin is certainly in full swing so it’s hardly surprising that the wedding market is dripping with this berry infused beverage as well. 
Whether it’s been with tonic, lemonade, soda or anything else for that matter, we’ve got through FIVE TIMES as much Pink Gin this year as we did in 2017. 
And here’s a fun fact (for anyone that cares), out of all the wedding bars we provided this year the record number of Pink Gin based drinks served at a single event was 237!!! But who’s counting eh? 
The reason behind its popularity doesn’t require much deliberation either, I mean, when something as already popular as Gin gets an upgrade it’s probably always gonna kick ass at weddings. 
So, the only question we’re asking is, who the hell doesn’t love Pink Gin right now?! 
And there you have it, our 5 top trending wedding drinks of 2018. Was your tipple on the list?  

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