Home is where the Cocktail party's at... 

Over the past few months our All-Inclusive Cocktail Bar Service has been more popular then ever. 
Prior to Covid-19 restrictions for events being lifted in July we didn't have a clue what to expect for our mobile bar business going forward. Would anyone actually plan an event anymore? Would anyone attend a party and have a drink anymore? It's fair to say that it was pretty worrying times... 
One thing that has increased since the lockdown, however, is the demand for an All-Inclusive Cocktail Bar service in Essex and Suffolk. A demand that we have been busy catering for over the past 4 months, and we've loved every minute!  
It's clear that people have learnt to love their homes more over the past 18 months, and in many cases have spent time and money improving their humble abode. It makes sense, therefore, that more people are choosing to host parties in their garden or a newly renovated area of their house rather than hiring a seperate venue, especially for smaller gatherings of family and friends. 
A lot of our Cocktail Bar bookings have been for parties that are celebrating multiple occasions, such as a birthday and house warming all rolled into one. Some people are still only just seeing eachother for the first time since the lockdowns began, which is so great to see, and hosting the event at home creates such a chilled out atmosphere. 
From speaking with people who have booked our Cocktail Bar service over the past few months though, value for money is also an important factor when it comes to covering the cost of drinks for guests at an event.  
It's simply not possible to hire a venue with a bar and indulge 50 guests with unlimited cocktails for 3 hours with the bar tab coming in at under £600... not gonna happen. But, that's exactly the price point that our Cocktail Service offers, with the added flexibility of choosing a longer service period and multiple bartenders. 
That's not just us boasting about the price of our service either, it's just that without expensive overheads such as rents, rates or a premises license it allows us to offer much better value for money directly to the client, whilst providing a professional and personable cocktail service in the comfort of their own home.  
There's also the fact that having a bartender making and serving cocktails at your house party is pretty cool, and certainly a well earned bit of luxury to help make up for all the missed parties and events!! 
Weddings are certainly well on the way to recovery, with a mix of postponements and new bookings for the end of 2021 and into 2022, but the increase in demand for a home based Cocktail Bar Service is something that we're just as excited about going forward.  
Serving the cocktails at events over the past few months has definitely given us a spring in our step, and long may it continue! 
Here are some pics from our recent All-Inclusive Cocktail Bar services in Colchester, Chelmsford and Ipswich... 

To hire our Cocktail Bar Service simply fill in our Free Quote Form and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements.  We provide All-Inclusive Cocktail Bar Service for parties, events and weddings in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Greater London. 

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